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Mellow Oak

Lavender Chai | Natural Air Freshener

Lavender Chai | Natural Air Freshener

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Whoa, got a funky smell lurking around? Chill it out with our Lavender Chai natural Air Freshener. Perfect for vans, rooms, shoes, dog beds or anywhere that needs a fresh vibe. Made with essential oils, it's all-natural and eco-friendly. Keep memories sweet, not stinky.


Baking Soda, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Essential Oils: Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Black Pepper, Cardamom, and Ginger

Suggested Uses

  1. Camper Van: Sprinkle Mellow Oak's Lavender Chai Van Air Freshener powder in your camper van to eliminate odors and create a calming and refreshing atmosphere.
  2. Home: Sprinkle the powder in any room of your home to eliminate unpleasant odors and provide a delightful fragrance. Try it in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom for a calming and refreshing scent.
  3. Office: Sprinkle the powder on your desk or in your office to create a calming and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Gym Bag: Sprinkle Mellow Oak's Lavender Chai Van Air Freshener powder in your gym bag to eliminate odors and provide a refreshing scent.
  5. Car: Sprinkle the powder in your car to keep it smelling fresh and inviting.


Plastic Free

Non Toxic

Chemical Free



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Customer Reviews

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Smells incredible!!

Wow this stuff smells amazing!! I have been getting all my friends to buy it because it smells *so* good - one of them has told me it’s saved her relationship by putting one in the bathroom 😂 it’s a great gift and stocking stuffer too. Will definitely be getting more.

Great smelling campervan riding down the road using our all natural air freshener.

Using your natural air freshener

When you park, open the lid and set the freshener somewhere it won't get knocked over (like your dash). The freshener will begin to work its magic immediately. The baking soda sucks out the bad the flowers and essential oils fill the air. By the time you return, you can bask in a delicious, Chai Tea-smelling van. Be careful not to spill it - This is an all natural herbal powder in a eco-friendly jar.

Pro tip: You can also sprinkle the van freshener directly onto smelly spots and vaccum it up afterwards to eliminate problem odors.

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