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Welcome to Mellow Oak – where we do more than just create products; we nurture a community that treasures natural wellness and sustainability. Dive into our handcrafted range, starring our muscle salves, bite relief salves, beard oils, and more, crafted with care for organic self-care aficionados.

Interested in adding Mellow Oak products to your store? Contact us using the form below or email us at Join us in building a climate-resilient self-care movement.

Why Mellow Oak Rocks for Your Retail Needs

Diverse Product Range: Discover a variety that caters to every whim and fancy – from our crowd-pleasing muscle salves to our comforting bite relief salves.

Quality and Sustainability: We're all about top-notch wellness goodies made from sustainable, all-natural ingredients. No nasties here – just pure, earth-friendly love.

Exclusive Wholesale Perks: Get the party started with just 15 units (mix and match all you want!) – our wholesale program is as flexible as a yoga guru!

Tailored Just for You

Attractive Discounts: We're not just about good looks – our discount structure is as attractive as it gets. Drop us a line for the lowdown on pricing that suits your style.

Customization Galore: Want to add your personal flair? We've got customization options, including private labeling, to make our products echo your brand's vibe.

Smooth Sailing with Ordering and Support

Hassle-Free Shipping: Sit back and relax! We ship within the USA and promise to have your order on its way within 10 days.

Guaranteed Smiles: We're so sure you'll love our products, we offer a guarantee. If there's an issue, we'll make it right with a full refund for damaged items. Plus, a 60-day return policy on unused, unopened goodies (just a tiny 15% restocking fee).

Prepayment Ease: We like to keep things smooth – prepayment and credit card options mean no bumps in your transaction journey.

Direct Support: Direct from our hearts to yours – as an owner-operated biz, we offer personalized support, including marketing jazz and product training, to help you soar.

Open tin of our 2 oz earth balm muscle salve

Hear from Our Buddies

"Mellow Oak's Hike Recovery CBD Healing Salve is the most affordable and effective CBD balm we carry at The Golden Temple. It's my go-to for customers needing pain relief."

- Amanda, the cool GM of The Golden Temple Birmingham

Join Our Journey in Organic Wellness

We're scouting for partners who share our vibe – boutique stores, health and wellness hubs, yoga studios, pharmacies, CBD shops, specialty gift stores, spas, eco-friendly retailers, and more. If you're about spreading wellness and joy, let's team up!

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