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Mellow Oak

Base Camp | CBD Bath Bomb

Base Camp | CBD Bath Bomb

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What do shin splints and paragraph texts from a jealous lover have in common? Both suck. Keep your post-hike pain at bay with our all natural CBD-infused bath bombs. Our unique combination of soothing essential oils and CBD will help reduce inflammation and muscle pain so you’re rested, recovered, and ready to hit the summit the next morning.

Bath bombs are sold per unit. Each one has 42.0 mg of CBD in it and is about 2" in diameter. Packed to order in biodegradable zero waste packaging.


Baking soda, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Organic Corn Starch, Organic Jojoba oil, Epsom Salt, CBD oil (42.0 mg), Organic essential oils: Sandalwood, Lavendar & Fresh Ginger


Dye Free - No artificial / chemical / unsustainable dyes

Plastic Free

Non Toxic

Chemical Free



Cruelty Free


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Customer Reviews

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Alicia Cato
Time to relax

I enjoyed the mild fragrance and skin softening oils in the bath bomb! Thanks MellowOak!

Mom’s night out

Let’s face it raising toddlers feels a lot going to war everyday only to have your little nemesis swoon you at bed time with puppy dog eyes and a kiss.

Mellowing out in the tub while using a CBD bath bomb infused with lavender and ginger essential oils.

How to bomb your bath

Fill up the tub to your desired temp, drop the bath bomb in the water, and hop on in. The bath bomb takes a couple minutes to dissolve but we like to play with it as it does its fizzies. Sit back and relax as the CBD mellows you out and the fresh lavender-ginger aromas fill the air.

Once done, be careful standing up and getting out of the tub. The oils in the bath bomb will make your tub slippery.

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